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A Life Transition

A sudden change in your finances, a large increase or decrease, frequently interrupts the natural flow of life. While managing a windfall seems like it would be a welcome opportunity, even well educated, sophisticated adults find that Sudden Money is a surprising mix of opportunities and challenges.

When new money arrives or old money becomes your responsibility it is an important life event requiring the guidance of an experienced professional who is trained in blending the human experience with the facts and figures. A Sudden Money® Advisor, Rick Kagawa is skilled at helping you integrate the personal experience with the facts and figures.

Sudden Money life transition events vary widely, some are planned for others are unexpected, some joyous while others are deeply regrettable. While you cannot control the events, you can control how you respond and the ultimate outcome. If you or someone you know is facing—or anticipating—such a transition, contact Rick to discuss how he can help you to successfully manage the change.